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Carlos B. Pargas, CPA-CSEP, is a graduate of the George Mason University School of Business. He's a former IRS agent with significant field audit and criminal investigative experience, which includes Grand Jury investigations and many major cases throughout Miami and Southern Florida. As the principal of several different companies and dealing with all aspects of their financial services, you can trust Carlos B. Pargas & Associates, P.A., CPAs to get the job done right.

Carlos B. Pargas

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Our founder has been active in the healthcare field since early on in his career. His articles on taxation, financial planning, and practice management issues have been published by the Florida Academy of General Dentistry, the South Florida District Dental Association, and the Dade County Medical Association. Mr. Pargas has been a speaker at several local and national conferences in the healthcare field, including the Greater New York Dental Meeting. He's also been designated as a certified specialist in estate planning since the mid-2000s.