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Carlos B. Pargas & Associates, P.A., CPAs

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Financial Planning

Figuring Out Your Retirement Plan

Regularly putting aside a set amount in savings or other investments is a good habit and the compounding of earnings can be substantial. The longer your investment period is, the greater the beneficial effect of compounding your earnings. Have a duly licensed agent member of Proverbs Financial Network, LLC perform an annual review of your insurance needs to determine that you're neither under- nor over-insured for your current needs. For assistance in your financial planning, use the savings calculator offered by Carlos B. Pargas & Associates, P.A., CPAs to calculate how fast your savings can grow.

Make Our Accounting Firm Your Choice

Invest in what you know. The more informed you are about your options beforehand, the better your investment decisions will be. You should also diversify your investments to protect yourself. Make sure some of your money is located in an investment that can be easily converted into cash in case of emergencies. The difference that a 2% greater return can make in the growth of your investments is fairly dramatic. Use our savings yield calculator to calculate the monthly yield required to reach your savings goal.

Independently Retire in Comfort and Style

Prepare an annual balance sheet for your household or business to determine your net worth. By comparing your annual balance sheets from year to year, you will be able to ascertain whether you're meeting your financial goals. Over 90% of Americans must rely on the government or others for assistance with retirement planning, but with proper planning and diligence, you can be among those who can retire comfortably. Use our retirement calculator to calculate how much you need to save for your retirement in the Miami area.

Don't Let Your Credit Hold You Back

Don't use credit to purchase any types of consumable items. Wait until you can pay cash for anything that will ultimately decrease in value. Although borrowing money to purchase a home is typically a sound idea, using credit to purchase household furnishings usually is not. Pay off your credit card balance every month. You should be using your credit for your own personal convenience, not as a source of long-term financing.